Solyanka, rassolnik
Boil the broth from the bouquet of greenery, from the scraps of roots, from the peel and the core of the washed salted cucumber, strain. 
Peeled peeled roots with boiling water, drained, put a spoonful of vegetable oil, pour a little strained broth; cover with a lid and simmer on low heat. When the roots are half ready, put potatoes to them, cover them, put them out until they are ready; 1/3 cup pearl barley wash, pour cold water so that it is covered, cooked to softness, thrown back on a sieve, poured cold water. Pickled cucumbers, peeled and peeled, cut each along into 4 pieces; then cut these parts across, put them in salty boiling water, boil, throw them in a colander, and cold water. 
Brine the cucumber, strain, boil.
1st. Spoon flour, diluted 1/2 cup of cold water, dilute a portion of the cucumber brine, boil, dilute all filtered broth, add to the taste of the boiled cucumber pickle, boil, put in it pearl rump, cucumber, roots with potatoes, boil. 
Sprinkle with green dill.