Cabbage soup from fresh cabbage

Cabbage soup from fresh cabbage
Cut cabbage with sabers or straws, and the early cabbage (along with the cob) – slices, put in boiling water bring to a boil. Then add the browned roots and onions. Boil the cabbage soup for 15-20 minutes, then season with white sauce, add the vanilla tomato sauce, spices, salt and cook until ready.Simultaneously with spices in cabbage soup you can put garlic, rubbed with salt. 

In the soup, you can add sweet pepper, and replace celery with parsley. 

White cabbage 700 g, turnip 1 g., Carrots 2 pieces, parsley (root) 1 piece, onion 2 heads, tomato puree 20 g, vegetable oil 40 g, water 1.5 l. 
You can put potatoes in cabbage soup (2-3 pcs.), Reduce the tabs of cabbage