Borsch with sea kale

Borsch with sea kale
Sea kale is boiled, cooled, shredded in the form of noodles, poured cold marinade and insist 8-10 hours. For marinade use sugar, salt, vinegar, cloves, bay leaf to taste. 
Beets, carrots, parsley and onions, cut into strips, are stewed with the addition of tomato-mashed potatoes. After 20-30 minutes. add the sea kale and continue to quench. 
In the boiling broth, left after cooking cabbage, put the potatoes. For 10-15 minutes. Add the stewed vegetables, spices, season with salt, sugar and vinegar. When serving in borscht greens are put. 

Sea cabbage marinated 200 g, beet 4pcs, potatoes 2 pcs, carrots 1 pc, parsley (root) 1 pc, onion 2 heads, tomato sauce 30 g, sugar 10 g, vinegar 10 g, water 1, 5l.