Stuffed sweet peppers

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from sweet pepper
Stuffed sweet peppers
Peppers rinse and peel from the seeds. Pour them with boiling water, cover and let stand for several minutes. 
Prepare forcemeat: draw the chopped onion in a large amount of oil (until the golden crust formations). Add the onions of carrots, chopped on a large grater, toss a few more minutes. Then add the mashed flesh 5-6 fresh tomatoes or tomato paste, diluted with water, put out for 5 minutes. 
Rinse rice, pour boiling water and steam for several minutes (rice can pour boiling water, which steamed peppers). Chop the greens of parsley, dill and their roots.
Mix rice, roast, sliced ​​greens, add salt, sugar, black ground pepper to taste. The stuffing should be juicy. 
Finished stuffing fill the peppers and stack tightly in the cast iron (can be in 2-3 layers). 
Peppers are poured. To do this, the remaining 3-4 pcs. rubbed tomatoes are diluted with a small amount of water to cover the peppers (or tomato paste diluted in water, you can use to dilute the remaining water after steaming the peppers). Add salt, sugar, ground black pepper and peas. Pour the peppers to boil and cook over low heat for 40 minutes. (or in the oven, which will speed up the cooking). Peppers are served both hot and cold.
In mushrooms you can add mushrooms, fish. If you use canned fish – they are recommended to be roasted beforehand in order to avoid a specific taste. 

10 large peppers, 1.5 tablespoons. rice, 7-8 heads of onions, 7-8 pcs. carrots, 100 g of dill, 100 g of parsley, roots, 8-10 tomatoes, 1,5st. vegetable oil, salt, sugar to taste pepper peas and ground.