Lecho of sweet pepper

Salads from vegetables
Lecho of sweet pepper
Pods of sweet pepper (green, red or partially reddened) are released from the stalk and seeds, cut along into strips 2 cm wide or squares.
The tomato paste of industrial production is diluted with an equal amount of water and brought to a boil. 
In tomato puree put prepared pepper, sugar, salt and, bringing to a boil, cook for 10 minutes. 
The hot mass of lecho is spread into prepared cans so that the pepper and tomato puree are evenly distributed, and the pieces of pepper were completely covered with tomato paste. Sterilize the cans by closing them with a lid, in boiling water (half-liter cans – 25 min., Liter – 30-36 min.), And then roll up. 

For 1 kg of tomato puree: sweet pepper 1 kg, sugar 2 tbsp. spoons, salt 1 tbsp. a spoon.