Pie with salted mushrooms

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Pie with salted mushrooms
Knead the lean yeast dough and, with a napkin, put in a warm place for fermentation. 
In the meantime, cook the mushroom filling. Salted mushrooms (if very salt, rinse well with water, squeeze) cut into a wooden bowl in a wooden bowl or cut into noodles, fry well in vegetable oil. Separately fry the chopped onions. Mushrooms and onions to combine, strongly season with pepper, if necessary, and salt. The filling should be sharp and have a well-pronounced taste and aroma of mushrooms, onions, peppers. 
The dough is rolled out, wrapped in a mushroom filling, the surface is pricked with a fork so that when baking leaves the steam, and grease the surface of the pie with strong tea, then bake until cooked at a temperature of 200 ° C. After baking, grease the cake with vegetable oil, so that the crust is more tender.

For the test: 1-1.2 kg of flour, 50 g of yeast, 2 tbsp. warm water, 1 tbsp. vegetable oil, salt. 
For the filling: 1-1, 3 kg of salted mushrooms, 5-6 heads of onions, 1 tbsp. vegetable oil for frying mushrooms and onions, salt and pepper black ground.