Cake with dried apricots

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Cake with dried apricots
Roll out the dough in the form of an oval, put it on a baking sheet, spread it, punch it with a fork all over the surface so that there are no swellings when baking. Put an even layer of transparent amber slices of dried apricots, gently curl the edge, grease with syrup from under dried apricots, decorate with dough flowers, which also grease with syrup, sprinkle a little poppy in the middle of the flower. 
Stuff the preparation as follows: dried apricots, pour water to cover the dried apricots, cover with sugar and cook until soft. Then throw it back on a sieve or a colander, cool it.
Bake cake at 180-200 ° C until cooked. When the cake blushes up – it’s ready. In the baked pie, the border and the slices of dried apricots should be carefully tinted with a brush (grease) with a syrup, in which dried apricots were cooked. 

Yeast lean dough – 500-600 g. 
For the filling: 1 kg of selected amber dried apricots, 150 g of sugar.